Lets start from the easiest and see how we do.

  • Why do i feel wierd around people?
  • Why do people not lkike me? For real.
  • Why do my “best friends” talk about me when I’m rite there?
  • Why is it when I try hard they make sexual comments about me with the person?
  • Why do I get angry and frustrated when I do something wrong?
  • Why am I so emotional?
  • Why can’t I be my true self around everyone?
  • Why am I not truely loved by my “friends”?
  • Why am I not pretty to guys? And why when I think someone likes me they just like my friends?
  • Why am I who I am?
  • Why can’t I say I truely love me and truely think of myself pretty?


Life is confusing

My life no matter what i do seems to go wrong. I try to be nice to a person and I’m flirtig. If I’m a close friend to someone I’m Madley in love. If I’m meen to someone I’m a bitch. If I try to joke with someone I’m being anoying as hell. If I say something in secret in a matter of moments its all over. And well, I just can’t seem to do anything rite. I used to thinlk I was Popular or at least well liked. Well I take it its the opposite now and I have o true friends. I can’t say my true feelings I can’t say what I want to. I know iI should’nt be afraid to speak my mind but I just vcan’t stand the backj stabbing and talking. Even though I say that I don;t care what people say about me it tears me into bits and I cry when I don’t want to. But all my emotions are tangled and I can’t find the start or the end I just find the ball of never ending middle.